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Podiatry practice like small, solo practice to a large, multi-provider/multi-location group or clinic groups, will be have more benefit through our faster billing service & more efficient output. Our solution and service are more specifically designed to meet with the unique needs of podiatrists to ensure fast, efficient, reliable and quality delivery of healthcare to their valued patients.

Podiatry deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the human foot and ankles ranging from childhood problems to the aging related problems, injury and disease of the foot, and surgical correction of bunions, hammertoes and other conditions. iatric treatments include means of physical medicine and rehabilitation, special shoes and orthotic devices, drugs, and minor surgeries.

Below listed podiatry Specialties, will help podiatrist to streamline their practice’s operations and clinical charting processes while improving their bottlenecks:-
1. Achilles tendinitis, Ingrown toenail, Ingrown toenail procedure note.
2. Ankle pain, Morton’s neuroma, Osteoarthritis, Foot and ankle.
3. Assessment, Plantar fasciitis, Plantar warts.
4. Bunion, Procedure note, Stress fracture of foot and ankle.
5. Foot pain, Swelling of feet, Toe pain

Our Proposed EHR system helps document Procedures like stress test, echo cardiograms, includes minor surgeries like incision and drainage to complicated procedures like Arthoplasty and many more.
Other Skin and Nails Related Podiatric Physical Exam:-
1. Generic/Routine Foot Exam
2. Basic Dermatology Foot Exam
3. Heel Pain Plantar
4. Ulcer Physical.
5. Venous Stasis and many more

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