Insurance Credentialing!

Resolve credentialing issues with. specific calling teams.

For the healthcare providers, the process of Medical Credentialing is a nerve-racking task. With beyond 13 million medical practitioners currently operating in the U.S. along with the average practice length of about 40 years, insurance panels are swiftly becoming crammed and are slow to accept fresh medical providers in to their network.

Promedcraft is well-verse with all the industrial regulations and procedures, to navigate the provider credentialing process in order to accomplish rapid and positive outcomes.

Untie Your Seatbelt Drive Your Practice with Our Credentialing Car(e):

Promedcraft proffers a 360? provider credentialing management service which encompasses filing documents for Hospital Privileging, Government Enrollments, Health Plan Paneling, CAQH and Licenses Expiry to aid new and existing individual providers and medical groups to ramp-up their profitability.

Relish Your Professional Patient Care!

To put it in a nutshell, Promedcraft's credentialing and verification experts will take care of your credentialing process, so that you can focus on your fervor caring patients.

Best of class of our Credentialing service!

1. Accelerate enrollment processing
2. 24/7 Credentialing support.
3. Avail network specific credentialing verification experts.
4. Accelerate your credentialing TAT.
5. Mitigate non-responder rates.
6. Obtain instant notifications on dashboard sanctions, credentials, policy updates
7. Maintain your documents and update your CAQH profile.
8. Access your evidential documents, application files, status reports, proceedings, and contracts through CredentialingParadise.
9. Get your re-credentialing/ revalidation done on-time.
10. Specialized credentialing solutions for new practices.

An Assortment of Our Beneficiaries!

1. Newly expanded practice and start-up practices.
2. Small medical practices that don't have staff deployed for credentialing.
3. Large practices and groups that desire their business office ponder on reimbursement and other revenue maximizing functions.
4. Health systems with physician practices that covet to integrate and renovate their provider credentialing and enrollment process.
5. Other healthcare organizations of any size that need to supplement in-house staff, whether temporary or permanent, need assistance with a one-time project, or wishes to outsource their credentialing unit.

Our Concierge-level Care for Your Credentialing!

1. Get unperturbed enrollment processing.
2. Small medical practices that don't have staff deployed for credentialing.
3. 24/7 customer support.
4. Avail network specific credentialing verification experts
5. Accelerate your credentialing TAT.

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