Resolve Orthopedics issues with specific calling teams.

Our Orthopedic Specialized EHR provides a solution to suit needs of orthopedic Surgeons ensuring fast, efficient, reliable and quality delivery of healthcare to valued patients. It already incorporates electronic super bill and E&M coder that has been customized for the Orthopedic specialty, it can be customized to replicate your existing workflow, templates/forms to meet your Practice needs.

Chief Complaint and Order-sets:-
We provides you wide range of order-sets and related chief complaints applicable to most common conditions, such as pain management specialists to cover in their day-to-day encounters. It also enables to cover the functionality including spine related complaints.

Specific Medication Templates:-
1. We provide an extensive database of preconfigured specific pain and orthopedic condition related medication templates for prescription.
2. Quick, easy and customizable unit values for medications available to prescribe individual patients.
3. Comprehensive documentation of patient treatment and medication protocols.

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