Medical Billing and Coding


Promed have arisen to favour doctors and hospitals that are worried all the way and searching for Medical Billing Services. It’s a pleasure to ProMed to offering robust 24-hour speciality-specific Medical Billing. This service would likely ensure RCM workflow and for the faster turnaround span on claiming bills and renewals that include higher first-pass payment percentage. Feel your patient more comfortable by your rapid billing and don’t wait for the claim, which would be the responsibility of a leading Medical Billing and Coding Company in the US. ProMed Intel Healthcare got recognized and has a wide reach in Delaware and Florida. Now we are likely to create our impacts at other significant states like New York, Texas, and Washington.

We are here to assist hospitals, medium-sized group practices, clinics, radiology centers and individual physicians, etc. Since 2016, ProMed Intel Healthcare is here to provide Credentialing, Provide-Payer Contracting, Meaningful-use, Practice Performance Management & Audit (PPMA) which can provide great insight for clinics/Group Physicians, Hospitals & provider’s network, etc. We are a team of experts who have ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coding certification. Our experience in this field made us strong at clean claim transmission within 12-24 hours, which enables us to guarantee 95% of claim payment within 45 days. Once you signed up, your billing pressure will never exist. You shall check for patients without any interruption on the billing thoughts.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services( Medical BILLING & CODING ).


Medical billing service that take care of every phase of your RCM process Our Certified Consultants aware the world of EMR/EHR to help you.


If you think, only coders can do better billing, the solution is here. Yes, our Certified Coders do your entire billing to claim 98% payment in 30 days.


If you love the word "FREE" you'd love working with us! Avail yourself of our Free Subscription offer and let us pay the installment charges of your EMR/EHR.

AR Calling

Most billers give small claims a miss. And it can be a major money drainer for your practice. Our AR callers consistently follow up on every single medical claim regardless of how many dollars the claim is worth. Increase your revenue through our AR calling experts and 24/7 care.

Physician Billing

Working closely with medical practitioners across several states and specialties does have its advantages. We not only bring in more revenue but know what your expectations are. Every physician likes being in the know. We are not going to smoke you into believing we've created magic.

Claims Processing

Sending clean and accurate claims is the key to full insurance reimbursement. That's why we helps you send electronic claims to thousands of payers, print national and state-specific paper claims, and receive electronic claim processing reports.

What Client Says

Facing RCM bottlenecks? Relax. We have you covered!

Call our Toll Free # : 877-204-5330

We offer specialty-specific medical billing and coding support We have seven separate teams working on all the major phases of your revenue cycle. Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Support is sure to even out the wrinkles, and assure you of a minimum 10% increase in collections.

On board AAPC certified coders and billers who work on your claims at all times, on all days. Interface with any EMR or EHR system you use. And the fact that we are not going to charge a single cent for it is the coolest part of the deal. Round the clock AR calling services.

Benefits of working with Promed
* Free EMR/EHR Subscription
* Free Credentialing Services
* Robust CDM standardization and CCI edits
* 24/7 Tehnical Support
* AAPC Certified Billng and coding Specialists
* Free 12 months annual Revenue checkup
* Dedicated Account Manager
24/7 Medical Billing Services

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.
EHR's Billing Process

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards.
Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000!

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.