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ProMed is one of a very few companies that have services dedicated to Medicaid Risk Adjustment. ProMed is here with you to offer a more comprehensive methodology of submitting claims to the most consequential health plan sponsor in the USA. Being the single largest healthcare payer, Medicaid covers across a huge figure 70 million and still counting beneficiaries. As per a report from March 2017, Medicaid Managed Care Plans have increased to a number of 275 that receive capitation for operation. In these cases data management is essential to achieve a risk score increase.

Medicaid tools that are commonly utilized

1. Chronic Illness & Disability Payment System.
2. CDPS+Rx.
3. Medicaid Rx.

Risk score comparison tool

1. Demographic Component (Age/Gender).
2. Disease Component (Chronic/Acute Conditions).

Medicaid Risk Adjustment procedures and timings would be different for each state. We care for you in a manner that will not impact your organization’s internal workings.

ProMed’s excellent Medicaid Risk Adjustment factor

Being an established medical billing and coding company, we would love to take charge of your Medicaid Risk Adjustment needs. The experts at ProMed will take care of the complete process. Medicaid Risk Adjustment is really complicated and tough to deal with when you’re proceeding on your own. Get the assistance of professionals to eliminate any unwanted issues that would threaten you from meeting your goals.

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