Independent Practices!

Medical billing services for independent medical practices and specialty practices help grow revenue and maintain positive cash flow.

Increase Efficiency & Revenue with End-to-End Physician Billing Services

If you are running a solo practice, the key issue may be the human resources who mayn't have enough expertise in the end-to-end billing process. Even if you get someone, the salary demand may be more than your budget. Beside this key hiccup, there are many other setbacks and questions because of which many physicians have been approaching us:

1. Why my practice is getting frequent denials?
2. How to avert federal policy infringement penalties?
3. What makes my bad-debt management go out-of-kilter?
4. What are the impeding factors against my techno-clinical workflow?
5. Is it good to go with my current EMR/ EHR (electronic medical / health record)?

Decant your queries to us. We scrutinize your practice, make you experience the change through our proficiency and get you delighted."With technology, dedication and expertise we track every single dollar of your medical insurance claims and get you maximum reimbursements on-time.

Facing RCM bottlenecks? Relax. We have you covered!

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