Improve revenue across both payment models and contain costs.

Gain maximum reimbursement across both payment structures with our revenue cycle management services. Gain insights and specific recommendations to prevent cash flow fluctuation. Our denial and AR management systems enable your group practice to recover lost revenue, prevent future denials and liquidate money stuck in aging AR:-
1. Denials and appeals management services to help group practices manage denials.
2. Medical coding, auditing, and compliance services by AHIMA/AAPC certified experts
3. Resolution of underpayments arising due to contract or documentation issues.
4. Close coordination with the centralized billing office (CBO) to quicken tasks
5. Patient financial services and CDI support provided
6.Workflow and system management solutions to ensure your claims submission process is in line with payer compliance updates

Gain optimal reimbursement across both payment structures. Mitiagate compliance risks. Improve medical coding efficiency. Modular and full cycle RCM support.

Facing RCM bottlenecks? Relax. We have you covered!

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