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Resolve OB Gyn issues with specific calling teams.

OB-Gyn practices dream will not come true till they find ProMed Intel Healthcare. Most OB/Gyn centers switch because they were not happy with third Party RCM provider, some look for an OB/GYN specific billing company that offers end-end services at low cost, few want to outsource from a small in-house billing team to a full-fledged company.

Very few practices are particular about coding audits, revenue cycle reports, following industry benchmarks, effective denial handling and RCM enhancement through seamless EHR integration.

Below are some of our strategies:-

1. Know your Payers Timely filing limits (This Increased the practice revenue by 10%)
2. Identify Practice revenue leakage
3. Major Challenge of the practice
4. Proposed accurate Medical coding & Audit
5. Antepartum care billing, which can yield more revenue to OB/GYN practice.

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